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Is it hard to groom a Persian?

We are asked this question at shows all the time. People see the beautiful long-haired Persian and imagine that we must spend all of our time on upkeep. This is not true. The trick lies in consistency and prevention. Matting and knots are easily avoided by combing daily and regular bathing. We look at this time as time spent bonding with our cats. Our kittens begin their baths at 6 weeks of age so by the time they go to their new homes, they are accustomed to the process. They are used to being groomed and actually come to enjoy the attention. If you approach it as a chore, they will pick up on this and it will become something they do not enjoy either. I like to lay them on my lap and gently comb them as I talk to them making sure to always end on a high note. A kiss on the head and cuddle time. Another benefit to daily grooming is that you will have less shedding which cuts down on cat hair in the home. Of course during the spring shedding is at its heaviest so it is extremely important to be diligent during this time. Your new Persian will also require routine eye care. Wiping their eyes with a cosmetic cotton pad daily reduces staining on the face and keeps the eye area free of debris.

OK, I am interested in a kitten. What do I do?

The first step is to email me at This helps us get to know you a little better and what you are looking for. We will then be able to discuss options and what we may have available for adoption at that time or what our breeding plans are for the future. We try to find the best match possible to ensure that you and your kitten begin your new life together on the right foot. We reserve the right to refuse the placement of a kitten if we feel it is the best interest of the kitten to do so. We will then require a non-refundable deposit. Deposits are not refunded for any reason so please be sure you are ready to commit when you place your deposit. The reason for this is the kitten loses opportunities for placement as then the kitten is on hold specifically for you.

When can my kitten come home?

We do not allow our kittens to leave before 12 weeks and we prefer to wait until the kitten reaches 14-16 weeks of age. At this point kittens are well socialized, properly litter trained and most of all healthier. Their immune systems are stronger and this makes a big difference in ensuring that they remain strong and healthy. Sometimes people think they will miss out on the cuteness and cuddliest period of their kittens life. This is simply not true. Persians are notorious for their people oriented personalities and are a slow maturing breed. You will still have a cute little bundle of joy but they will be healthier and generally more well adjusted. This is a non-negotiable policy so please don't ask for this to change. It will never change.

I see that you offer retired adults too. Why?

We strive to retire our adults at a fairly young age so that can live out the rest of their lives as someone's pampered and beloved pet. We love them very much and wish we could keep all of them but in order to keep our program small, we feel it is important that they go to a loving forever home. 

Where are your prices?

Prices are discussed privately and vary accordingly.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes. I do offer shipping worldwide.

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