Cute kitten photos Cute kitten photos calico named Holly 69593141 Blue patched tabby named Ivy 69593142 Brown Mackeral tabby-named Meatloaf. (Stosh) .residing with Vicki & Carl 69593143 Blue patched tabby named Ivy..residing with Dr. Carter 69593144 Brown Mackeral tabby named Stosh..Residing with Vicki & Carl 69593145 Tortoiseshell named Juicy Fruit..Residing @ Chastelle Persians 69593146 Bluecream named Mikkat Goodness Gracious 69593147 Blue named Stosh,,Residing w/Carl & Vicki 69593148 black named Mikkat's Imagine That...Reserved for Lee 69593149 Blue Male Handsome boy out of GC Fountainhead Olive X GC Kitty Charm Top Tomato..Pictured at 3 months old 106969876